Why Are Your Facebook Ad Metrics Down Since The iOS 14.5 Update?

Why Are Your Facebook Ad Metrics Down Since The iOS 14.5 Update?

After Apple revised its data collection policy with iOS 14.5 earlier last year, iPhone and iPad users can now easily opt-out of cross-site and cross-app tracking and targeting.

A staggering 96% of iOS users opted out! This has caused panic in the advertising industry, as most people who click on your ads can no longer be tracked accurately. Nobody can afford to work with inaccurate data, which could result in scaling unprofitable campaigns or turning off profitable campaigns.

Getting accurate data became more challenging than ever. How will you, as a business, be able to track how well your ads are performing on Facebook after iOS 14.5?

Let’s take a look at how the update for iOS 14 affects Facebook advertising now, and what you can do to work around it.

iOS 14.5 and Facebook Ads: The Consequences

As a marketer, you are probably wondering, “what is iOS 14’s advertising impact?” There are several ways the update can affect your advertising efforts, causing disruptions to business.

1) Attribution window cut by 75%

With iOS 14.5, Facebook advertising has changed its attribution model and reduced its reporting window by 75%, from 28 to just 7 days. Ads can no longer be attributed to purchases made after 7 days from the first visit. In a nutshell, any purchases made more than a week ago are lost to ad tracking.

2) Reporting delayed by 72 hours

Facebook ads since iOS 14.5 now take up to 72 hours to report campaign results. How can we make informed advertising decisions if the data takes three days to arrive?

3) Facebook ads cannot accurately track 96% of iOS users

We cannot understate the consequences of this statistic when it leads to massive misattribution thanks to iOS 14’s tracking permissions. As Facebook themselves admit:

"Results may not include conversions from people who opt-out of tracking on iOS 14.5+. Statistical modeling may be used to help us estimate some conversions… due to these opt-outs."

The bottom line is, with data that is merely being ‘estimated’, how can any business investing in Facebook ads…

Evaluate results?

Optimise ads?

Scale with certainty?

The solution – Stop losing money and scale fast with ecomtrack

Ecomtrack is the new way to track and scale ads, an all-in-one solution to the problems posed by the iOS 14.5 update. With our solution, you no longer need to:

  • Rely on inaccurate data.
  • Waste money on campaigns not generating the best results.
  • Terminate campaigns producing results.
  • Be limited by the 7-day attribution window.

Benefits of ecomtrack

1) Attribute 100% of your sales to the correct Facebook ad:

Say goodbye to Facebook's iOS 14.5 misattribution, over-reporting, or under-reporting with our server-to-server connection.

2) Reduce wasted budget

You can finally scale the performing ads with confidence and turn off any unprofitable ads with accurate data. As a result, ecomtrack's clients grow their businesses faster and more profitably.

3) Customisable attribution models

With ecomtrack, you can select the attribution model that best suits your business. Our innovative software provides valuable 7-day, 14-day, and 28-day attribution windows, as well as a ‘last click' model.

4) Easy & fast eCommerce integration

ecomtrack offers seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, MyCashFlow, or we can custom-integrate any platform your business uses.

5) Gain an edge over your competitors

While businesses continue using inaccurate Facebook Ads Manager data, ecomtrack gives you a huge advantage over all your competitors in the social media ad space.