Shoptet Integration is Completed

Shoptet Integration is Completed

The biggest Czech e-commerce platform Shoptet is now available on ecomtrack.

Over the past few weeks, we've received multiple requests from our customers in the Czech Republic to integrate ecomtrack with the largest Czech e-commerce platform Shoptet so they can track their ads with accuracy and scale their revenue with certainty.

We're super excited to announce that the Shoptet integration is now completed and anybody can within 3 minutes integrate their Shoptet store with ecomtrack.

Just head to the integration page, where you will find the codes that need to be installed on your Shoptet store.

Within a few minutes, you’ll be ready to track accurately and scale your store faster while avoiding any misattributions.

Having platform that is not yet integrated with ecomtrack? Just let us know at and we will work to make it happen for you.

We appreciate you so much, thank you for being with us.

CEO & Founder