5 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Online Store Conversion Rate

5 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Online Store Conversion Rate

Conversion rate of your website plays a crucial part of having a thriving online store. You could have the best ads on the planet but if your website is not optimised then your revenue will suffer.

On the other hand, you could improve your conversion rate by 20%, from 1% to 1.2%, and your store’s revenue will grow by 20% with the same traffic!

We know how critical conversion rate is in succeeding with running paid ads, that’s why we’ve put together this list of conversation optimization tips, so you can increase the conversion rate of your website and maximise your ads results even more.

1. Website speed

Uploading images in the highest size, leaving old snippets of codes or old apps result in a slow website speed which significantly affects the website conversion rate. Users’ attention span is very short, so if a customer needs to wait more than a few seconds for your website to load, you are at risk of losing them. You can check your website speed here: https://gtmetrix.com/. Then, we recommend removing any old apps, snippets of codes, and optimising your product images to ensure the highest website speed possible.

2. Optimize for Mobile Users

The vast majority of your traffic will be coming from mobile so don’t just let your website exist as it is in its desktop form, make sure that the user interface has been optimized for mobile users. What looks great on desktop, might look terrible on mobile so always double check how your website looks on mobile as well.

3. Address objections beforehand

Most customers have questions regarding shipping price, return policy, sizes, etc., so it’s important to answer these questions before. For example, if you offer free shipping over certain amount, communicate it clearly on the product page or in the header so customers know exactly how much they need to spend to qualify for free shipping. The same applies to return policy, shipping times, and to any other questions your customers might have.

4. Remove Distractions

Don’t let flashiness and red tape distract visitors from the point of what you’re offering to them. People don’t really care about the bells and whistles of how you’ve laid out your website if you’re not communicating your message to them quickly and effectively. Put yourself in shoes of first-time customers or ask your friends to visit your website and give you feedback what distracts them from the main CTAs - “Add to Cart” and “Buy”.

5. Offer Free Shipping

If customers don't like doing something, it's paying for shipping. Nowadays, they can get free next day delivery from companies like Amazon, so it’s important to offer customers a certain threshold over which they qualify for free shipping. From research, people rather spend additional $20 for another product to qualify for a free shipping than paying $5 for shipping.

Final Thoughts

To really maximise the benefits you're getting from ecomtrack by having the most accurate data, adding these conversion rate optimization tips will help you even further increase the ROI on your ads!