Reporting done in seconds!

Reporting done in seconds!
Save yourself hours with this new ecomtrack feature

Noticing how much time people spent reporting to their clients or team members, we have decided to add the PDF export function so you can export a nicely designed report within seconds!

This PDF report will be exported based on the date range, attribution window you select, and then it will automatically download to your computer so you can send it to your client, team member or use it for yourself.

If you haven’t tried this function yet, head to the campaigns section and you’ll see in the top right corner “PDF export”.


We are planning to continuously further improve the PDF report based on your needs & suggestions.

As you know, we are making ecomtrack for you and our intention is to make it the best tool for scaling ecom ads. So, if you have any suggestions what to improve, add, remove, please let us know at

We appreciate you so much, thank you for being with us.

CEO & Founder